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In Memory Of....
Keyt's Kritters


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Our lovable dragons that we have lost, but still shine in our memory

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This is my little storm who was generously given to me by my friend Lorna. He was given the name because he arrived during a week of torrential rain storms. Unfortunately, I think he suffered some sort of trauma while being shipped to me, and he died a week after we met.

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My little Miracle as I named him had a rough start. He was in Ozzie and Maple's clutch of July 2001. He was unable to hatch because his egg had developed a bad case of mold, and it became so hard it would have been impossible for him to hatch on his own. I made the tough decision to break open his egg and bring him out. He lived for a week, appearing to be thriving. If you look closely, you can see his tail is curly which is abnormal, and it always got in his way when he walked, and he'd get flipped over. One night that exact thing happened, and I believe he overworked himself trying to get upright, and died.

Would you like to add a dedication to your beloved dragon? Send me an email with a photo and description of your dragon and I'd be happy to add it for you!