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These are just a few of the pictures of my Bearded Dragon family. They are so used to my camera being pointed at them that they have been known to actually pose for me he he

All pictures were taken with a Mavica FD90

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Blaze was trying to get on top of my daughter's robot dog, so I put him up there.


Bella was showing her Salmon coloring while in the sun. Karma saw me trying to take a picture of Bella so he had to jump in.


This is a very gravid (pregnant) Maple. She laid her eggs about 3 days after I took this picture.


The small animal playpen I use to put the lizards in outside is handy, but a few of them don't like it. Bella tried everything to get out of it the first time I put her in. Poor thing looks like she was trying to get out of jail.

Ochre smiling

This is one of my favorite pictures of Ochre. He's my little guy that didn't grow for a long time, and he's always been a happy, lovable little dragon.

Firetruck lizards

This is a very popular picture with other Bearded Dragon owners. I can put my dragons in just about any position and they will stay there while I snap a picture. I had another picture like this taken with a different camera when they had actually crawled on the firetruck themselves, so I redid the picture with a better camera.


My 3 oldest dragons, Ozzie, Princess and Maple enjoying the sun.


My dear friends, Skye and Zockel sent me a card that had these little smileys inside of it, so I grabbed my most photogenic lizard, Karma and snapped this fun shot.


This is one of my more interesting dragons. A local pet store called me and asked if I was interested in purchasing her. They didn't know anything about her except that she was a female and very mellow. Well, they were right about the mellow part. She is happiest by just sitting and watching the other dragons or people.

Ambulance Ozzie

I took this picture the same time as the firetruck picture. Ozzie kept trying to lick up the bright lights when I turned them on.


I purchased this beauty from Texas Lizard Connection almost a year ago. It's pretty hard to tell exactly what phase she is, although she obviously has some Sandfire in her, but whatever it is, she's just one gorgeous dragon!

Maple after bath

Before Maple laid her third clutch, I was trying to get her used to being in soil instead of sand to lay her eggs in because sand can dry out the eggs. Well, she absolutely hated the soil and did nothing but bounce off of walls and refused to eat. I took her out and gave her a nice long bath hoping that would get her to lay her eggs. I wrapped her up in a towel and hugged her for a bit because she was so stressed from being on that soil, and then snapped this picture which is my favorite one of her.


I probably have more pictures of Ozzie and Maple hugging than anything else. They are so inseparable, and they are always hugging or kissing (licking) each other!

Angry Blaze

Blaze is my youngest dragon from Tom and Jackie Vandiver. I call him 'Mr. Attitude' because he's always opening his mouth like this, acting like he wants to bite. Sometimes he'll even do it when I'm holding him and petting his head which he loves. He's actually a very sweet dragon, he just likes to act tougher than he really is. Typical male, eh? ha ha

Bella smiling

Bella is my other dragon from Tom and Jackie Vandiver. I asked them one day if they could find me a dragon with lots of color, and I got a heck of a lot more than I asked for. Her colors are magnificent, and get better as she gets older!

Princess Burried

I had Maple and Princess in the same tank for a while before Maple laid her eggs. Maple had been digging furiously as dragons do before they lay, and she managed to completely burry Princess! This shows how mellow she is, and she stayed like that for quite a while until I unburried her myself.


This was on the first day I had my 'not so little anymore' Blaze from Tom and Jackie Vandiver. I stuck him in my shirt pocket and he fell asleep almost instantly!